Intellectual Jousting in the Republic of Letters


Late-night bearded comedians jabbered about the humor of everyday suffering. 

I sat on my couch and blinked, gliding through pages of Internet porn. 


my oped in tomorrow's FT


Silicon Valley is turning our lives into an asset class

By Evgeny Morozov

Tech titans with better data and engineers will disrupt Wall Street, writes Evgeny Morozov

In the past few decades, Wall Street has made finance a central feature of both the global economy and of our everyday lives – a…


“It’s the story of what it means to live in a cultural climate that stifles almost every creative impulse, and why it so often seems we should stop trying.”

Dan Piepenbring on Cory Arcangel’s new book, Working on My Novel, a compilation of tweets from people who are putatively at work on novels.

Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"


It is hard to believe that anything could please me more today than listening to Frank O’Hara reading “Having a coke with you”

(Oh, and you get to see him too - it’s a video.)


Guest Dad submission from Jim Rowell


by Sharanya Manivannan

Filter coffee under a flowering tree

on the street on which he still lives,

in a blue art deco house in which

there must exist a scintilla of me

as something other than only

the great loss of his life.

The summer spreads her fingers

beyond the octave of sweetness.

There is a cut in my svadishtana

chakra from my last lover,

the one who was too afraid

to kiss me sober or to be

unlike any other.

Early in the mornings I feed the crows

steamed rice and mustard seeds

and when I walk at all it is under

canopies of raining leaves,

into arenas of unswept blossoms.

Life is simple on these days

that slake the singe of the rest.

Like clay I have cooled to a

more tolerant temperament,

like the wasp I build alone,

telling myself that I am not

keeping count.


Sharanya Manivannan is the author of a book of poems, Witchcraft. Her poetry, fiction and essays have appeared in Hobart, Wasafiri, Drunken Boat, Prairie Schooner, Killing The Buddha and elsewhere.She has received an Elle Fiction Award and a Lavanya Sankaran Fellowship,and been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes. She lives in India.

Benedetta Polignone: The Kiss That I Want, 2014

Benedetta Polignone: The Kiss That I Want, 2014